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Please email or telephone 01539 822222 and ask to speak to one of the FairBookingUK team.

FAQs for Businesses

FairBooking UK is aimed at encouraging consumers to either book direct with accommodation providers, or through official FairBooking destination websites rather than through big online travel agents (OTAs). Millions of pounds in booking fees leave destinations and even the UK each year. This loss of revenue not only has an impact on the accommodation provider but also on the local supply chain, as it results in less revenue staying in the area that could be spent on local suppliers and services.

For an overview of FairBooking please take a look at: How to join?.

Who is FairBookingUK Ltd?

FairBookingUK was set up in partnership with Cumbria Tourism, New Forest Tourism Association and Visit Cornwall – the official Tourist Boards (Destination Management Organisations) of their respective areas. Other destinations/tourist boards are in the process of joining FairBooking so look out for yours.

FairBookingUK Ltd is a not for profit company and any monies made by the company are used to develop the website and market the campaign.

FBUK requires DMOs to sign up to sustainable tourism good practice by pledging a percentage of their annual income to a local good cause.

Why be part of FairBookingUK?

As an industry, we have an opportunity to communicate to the general public the mutual benefits of booking direct with the accommodation provider, or through a FairBooking destination. Our visitors, our customers, get a better deal by receiving the best rate available (and often some added value). Your business gets a better deal by paying less commission fees, and both visitors and businesses help to support the local economy by keeping the revenue local, helping the destination to deliver sustainable tourism objectives.

How can I join FairBookingUK?

If you are an accommodation business based in Cumbria, The New Forest, Cornwall or Wales please contact your local tourist board or email for appropriate contact details.

If you have a Guestlink account please click here to sign up

If you are not part of the above areas and don’t have a Guestlink account, please email or ring 01539 82222 and talk to one of the Helpdesk team.

Does it cost to join?

The initial partners Cumbria, Cornwall and New Forest have shared the set up costs. These include for the design, branding, trademarking, staff time etc. Therefore, you the business the only cost is the annual donation you make to your chosen good cause and a small commission of 10% (inc Vat) if you receive any bookings from

All commissions received are used for the upkeep and development of and promotion of the Fairbooking movement.

Do I need to pledge to a good cause to be part of FairBookingUK?

Yes. FairBookingUK is an ethical campaign, which differentiates it from the OTAs. Tell your guests that by booking direct, or through a FairBooking destination website with a FairBooking property, some of the cost of their stay is going to help local good causes, and 100% of their money stays within the local community.

How do I choose a good cause?

We ask that you choose a good cause from the list provided. These have been selected because they relate directly to visitors and their experience, for example they help conserve destinations or support the voluntary emergency services. However, we are happy to consider others in the future.

Is it essential to donate for every direct booking I receive?

We strongly feel that pledging to one of the listed good causes per direct booking is an important part of the FairBookingUK campaign. It gives the campaign an ethical dimension which sets us apart from other ‘book direct’ initiatives. Pledges start at 50p per booking but can be higher depending on the rates a business charges and the average length of stay. You need to consider if this fits with your business and decide if you wish to be part of the campaign.

If I already go the extra mile with my guests do I need to give more added value?

We don’t want you to incur unnecessary costs, FairBookingUK is about making savings. It’s about finding something to make your FairBookingUK guests feel special, and encourage them to continue booking direct. For example, giving the guest the best room you have in that category at the time of booking – the room with a view or a four poster bed - or providing a complimentary breakfast. Alternatively, you could offer early check-ins and late check-outs, a complimentary packed lunch or bottle of wine, a voucher towards a local restaurant, attraction or activity, or a welcome goodie pack with a note of thanks for booking direct. It’s something extra, or an enhanced service, a customer wouldn’t receive if they booked through an OTA.

How long is membership of FairBookingUK?

When you sign up you pledge to donate to one good cause for a year. If you want to change your good cause annually, please contact the help desk at

Do you have any branding I can put on my website to promote the campaign to customers?

There are digital banners and logos you can access once you have signed up to the Code of Conduct and made your pledge. These are sent with your membership confirmation email. FairBookingUK logos, marques, banners etc. are trademark protected. You need to be a FairBooking member to have permission to use them and follow the prescribed branding guidelines.

Can I make my own banners with FairBooking branding?

We are happy for members to use the logos in their marketing channels. However, we ask you not to change the branding itself as it is trademarked and too many changes could dilute the brand. We include branding guidelines with the branding. However, if a destination would like a specific design to reflect their destination, or a group of businesses would like branding for their area we can provide a quote for the cost of design.

Do I need to contact my chosen good cause?

We contact the good causes and inform them when new businesses join. We pass your contact details to your chosen good cause and they get in touch with you to arrange a donation schedule convenient for both parties (most favour bi-annual donations.)

Do I need a Quality Grading?

To protect customers we request that FairBooking members have a current quality assessment by Quality in Tourism, the AA or a nationally recognised regional quality scheme such as Quality Cumbria or Heart of Devon.

However, it is not compulsory to have a quality grading. If you do not you will need to sign the FairBooking Quality Charter which can be accessed here.

Why is there no destination content on FairBookingUK for my area?

If there is no content for your area it means your local tourist board or association is not currently part of FairBooking, though they may be in the process of joining. Please let your tourist board know if you would like your area to join FairBooking. Encourage them to contact us and we would be happy to discuss the campaign.

How can I join?

If you use or have an account with Guestlink it’s really easy to join, just sign up here:

If you don’t use Guestlink and are a business in Cumbria, New Forest, Cornwall or Wales, please contact your tourist board (or email for contact details).

If you are a business outside of one of the destination partner’s areas, you will need to have an account with Guestlink, which is free. For more information visit

If you are using another booking system you can integrate it with Guestlink for just £30 + Vat per year find out more here:

If you have any questions that are not covered here please email the FairBookingUK Helpdesk at or ring 01539 822222