Best deal for you & a better deal for locals

Fairbooking provides you with the best online price guaranteed, a warm welcome and great visitor experiences which support the cultural heritage of each destination.

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What is FairBooking?

FairBooking is a campaign to encourage consumers to book direct with accommodation providers. The campaign aims to be less dependent on Online Travel Agents (OTAs ) thus avoiding the high commission fees that businesses pay out when these channels.

We recognise online travel agents play an important role in marketing holiday destinations to consumers. However encouraging visitors to book direct has to be preferable, as it saves on the marketing costs (commission fees) for local businesses and retains more revenue in the local economy, underpinning the sustainable tourism principles that we strive to achieve.

The FairBooking Pledge:

When businesses join FairBooking they agree to support the following key messages:

  • The best deal for you – our guest
  • A better deal for locals and the local destination
  • A better deal for local businesses – you the host

The “best deal for you” pledge to customers is delivered by the accommodation provider offering the same price as can be found online, with customers who book direct receiving added value extras such as:

  • Guarantee of the best room available in that category/upgrade where possible,
  • Complimentary breakfast or packed lunch,
  • Early or late check-in/check-out,
  • Flowers, chocolates, tea/coffee on arrival,
  • Vouchers towards a local service such as an attraction, restaurant, spa, leisure facility etc.

The “better deal for the local destination” involves the business donating a minimum contribution of 50p per direct booking* to a FairBookingUK approved good cause that relates to destination management. For example, this could be to an organisation that maintains or improves the destination, a rescue service or a voluntary group that supports an event that attract visitors.

The “better deal for the local businesses” is delivered by the saving made on commission fee costs and encouraging more bookings through lower level commission websites, websites that reinvest in the local economy, such as your destination organisation website,, or affiliate sites and FairBooking Tourist Information Centres.

What will it cost?

There is no sign up cost to join FairBooking or to feature on the national website, However, any bookings you receive through the website will be subject to (the standard Guestlink) 10% commission (inc Vat) collected a month after the guest has stayed.

FairBookingUK Limited is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, fee income raised will be reinvested into the national website and on-line marketing and publicity for the movement. We are UK based so unlike many of the OTAs you have a guarantee that revenue remains in the country to further promote the ‘direct booking’ message.

What are the benefits for my business?

  • Web listing on the national site,
  • Publicity as part to the communication and PR campaigns,
  • Use of the FairBooking logo,
  • Use of the FairBooking marque and branding on your website and any marketing materials you use,
  • Knowledge that you are behind a collaborative ethical nationwide campaign.

What do I do next?

Currently Cumbria, New Forest, Cornwall and Wales are supporting the campaign at a destination level, if you are located in one of these destinations please contact your local Tourist Board (Destination Management Organisation) to sign up to the campaign.

If you are not in one of these areas we are currently finalising methods for businesses to join FairBookingUK individually. For example, we will be launching the option to sign up to the campaign through the online booking system Guestlink in the next few weeks.

However, if you do not currently use Guestlink you will still be able to sign up, the details of which are being finalised as we speak!