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Fairbooking provides you with the best online price guaranteed, a warm welcome and great visitor experiences which support the cultural heritage of each destination.

Further Queries

Please email or telephone 01539 822222 and ask to speak to one of the FairBookingUK team.

Joining FairBookingUK as a destination…

FairBooking is a campaign initiated by Cumbria Tourism, Visit Cornwall and New Forest Tourism to help rebalance the ever increasing commission charges from the online travel agents (OTAs), and to promote booking direct or through a FairBooking website like or

All too often these commissions leave not just the destination but the country and result in a loss of profit. This in turn can impact the local economy of the destination by reducing the amount businesses spend on refurbishment, staff training and development. Consequently, negatively impacting the local supply chains in tourist reliant areas, e.g. food and service suppliers to the hospitality trade.

We recognise that the OTAs have, and will continue to have, an important role in introducing visitors to our destinations because of their huge marketing budgets. However, it is then our job to educate those guests about the FairBooking campaign, as well as promoting it to regular and repeat customers who may use the OTAs.

The more providers supporting the campaign, the stronger the message will be. Similarly, the more destinations featured on the more exposure the site will receive, and the more effective a marketing stream it will be for the industry.

The ethical side of FairBooking ensures it stands out from any other direct or ‘fair’ booking initiative. Every FairBooking business pledges to donate to a local good cause for each direct booking it receives (minimum amounts apply). If a booking comes through a commissionable DMO website or, that site pledges a percentage of its annual commission to a local good cause too. It’s a win win win all round.

How to get involved...

Step One – Join the Campaign

  1. Sign FairBooking contract for DMOs (contract and more information available from and pay the relevant fee.

Step Two – Business Engagement

  1. Decide on your good causes – each destination partner can adopt their own local charities supporting the destination, e.g. rescue services, environmental, sustainability. Alternatively, they can use the FairBookingUK good causes.
  2. Collaborate on design for logos and collateral that reflect your region e.g. FairBooking Cumbria (FBUK is trademarked so there are branding guidelines, but these can be adapted by area).
  3. Agree how businesses are to sign up and run promotional workshops if applicable.
  4. Decide how it will look/integrate into your DMO’s website. Will you give FairBooking businesses additional/separate promotion?
  5. Ongoing engagement with the businesses and visitors through PR & Social media

Step Three -

  1. Collaborate with FBUK & NVG to agree how the integration will work with your DMO website.
  2. Supply destination content for your DMO pages on FBUK
  3. Decide on how your businesses will accept bookings from FBUK